Sun’s out…let’s clean the car!

The Sun is out and the weather is glorious. What better way to burn calories (you can burn up to 350 calories per hour cleaning your car) and get a tan! (Don't forget your sunblock if UV is high.)

If you are stuck at home during lockdown, feeling bored then now may be a great time to give your car some TLC. Don’t rush to clean at the hottest point of the day though. Did you know that the best time to wash a car is on a cloudy day (or at least in the shade)? Water can turn into tiny magnifying  glasses when exposed to bright sunlight and damage the finish. And if your car has been sitting in the hot sun for several hours the water will dry too quickly on the hot surface and deny you that shiny finish you are looking to achieve!

Good cleaning products go a long way

Make sure you always use appropriate car cleaning products.Some soaps can be overly abrasive and can damage your car’s paintwork. Don’t try using dishwashing liquids either as they just end up leaving a dull film behind as they are predominantly designed to remove grease from your dishes. To achieve a sparkling finish I always use a mid range car shampoo priced around £5- £8 per 5 litre bottle and then I like to spend more on a quality car wax to bring out the shine of my paintwork.


Carpets covered in dirt, stains and mud can leave your interior looking a mess. Make your first job a good vacuum to remove deeply embedded dirt on carpets and fabric seats. Not getting the results you want with a simple vacuum? Try supermarket fabric cleaner for car interiors for the more stubborn stains.


Avoid concentrated window cleaners, that can scratch a vehicle’s protective lenses and tinted windows. Window cleaners containing ammonia can also damage tinted windows. Go for the simple vinegar based products and a piece of screwed up newspaper to remove dirt and grease from both inside and outside of glass.

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