Premier League clubs 'should pay living wage' to staff

Premier League football clubs in the UK have been urged to pay all staff above the minimum wage after spending €1.6 billion on players.

Many cleaners, security guards, caterers and other staff do not earn enough money to cover the cost of living, the charity Citizens UK said. In fact only four out of 20 of the clubs are accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.

Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham have all made the pledge - while some football clubs outside the top league, such as Luton, also pay the voluntary rate.

Premier League clubs made a record combined revenue of €5.4 billion in the 2017-18 season.

Citizens UK said a new football season had started with employees "left on the breadline" which was "not right when clubs are splashing out record fees on players".

At Marigolds Lincs - we are proud to offer all of our staff at least the Living Wage Foundations recommended pay. Marigolds FC??

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