Deep Cleaning / Spring Cleaning

Imagine coming home after a long day at work to find that all your housework has been done. The floors are sparkling, the bathroom is gleaming, and the cushions are nicely plumped on the sofa.

Thanks to Marigolds Lincs, this can be your reality. For 6 years, our team of cleaning professionals have been providing comprehensive house cleaning services in Grantham and all across the East Midlands. We take care of absolutely all spring cleaning, giving our customers extra time in their busy schedules.

The specialised professionals who we employ are some of the friendliest and most trustworthy cleaners you’ll ever meet. We only select team members who can work quickly while still providing a thorough, expert clean. In no time at all, the messiest home will be transformed into a sparkling paradise.

We give our customers the freedom to completely customise their cleaning services in the East Midlands. Let us know what you need done – we can wash the inside of your windows, wipe out your fridge, scrub your bathroom tiles, and so much more! We work to the schedule that suits you best.

If your home needs some special attention, our spring cleaning or end of tenancy cleaning will uncover and remove every speck of dirt and dust. It’s the most thorough cleaning service you’ll find.

Spring Cleaning