Cleaning Audits

Marigolds Lincs offers our customers and potential customers the opportunity to review their current hygiene/cleanliness standards. The benefits of a cleaning audit include:

  • Check that areas expected to be cleaned are being cleaned

  • Check for methods/training needs

  • Produce a report for client

  • Provide a qualitative/quantitative report

  • Reduce complaints/absences due to work place hygiene

We use a system based upon the BICSc standards and a standardised checklist so that you can measure the effectiveness of your cleaning provision.

In addition, for your sensitive areas such as food preparation etc we can also provide you with a Colour Hygiene swab test which measures the cleanliness of surfaces. This test is designed for checking the cleanliness of surfaces by detecting product residues even on surfaces considered clean after visual inspection.

Please call us if you would like to discuss a cleaning audit for your premises.

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